Friday, 10 April 2015

Lurking in the Deep cover reveal (late)

Does the water beckon you? Your love, or fears, may become greater in this chilling anthology. From ordinary sea life to creatures of myth, our stories will make you think twice about the shadowy waters that beckon below. Follow our authors into the depths … if you dare.

Stories featured in this anthology include the following:

  • “Lauren” by Terry Alexander
  • “Bloodslick” by Timothy Black
  • “Wrath” by Liz Butcher
  • “Song of the Ocean” by Scott A. Butler
  • “Dark Waters” by Michael Cross & Emma Michaels
  • “Crescent’s Creature” by K.C. Finn
  • “The Broken Seashell” by E.M. MacCallum
  • “Ribbons & Bones” by Kelly Matsuura
  • “Tubular Hells” by Beth W. Patterson
  • “Rhine Maiden” by Isabelle Poldervaart
  • “A Senseless Eating Machine” by Jef Rouner
  • “Tide Flats” by Shelly Schulz
  • “The Reluctant Seamstress” by Jaidis Shaw
  • “The Water’s Edge” by Jacqueline E. Smith
  • “Widow’s Cut” by Andrea L. Staum
  • “Enticing Waters” by Gina A. Watson

Edited By: Jaidis Shaw


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