Book Spotlight Submissions

Fancy getting your book mentioned on this blog in the form of a bite-sized book spotlight?

As an author, I understand how difficult it is to spread the word about your works of literary art. Many blogs that offer author services overcharge for those services and most authors don't make back the cost of the service during the paid promotion.

Book spotlights on The Jolly Wordsmith are free.

The snag? There's always a snag, isn't there? Not every book spotlight submission will be accepted to appear on the blog. This will usually be due to personal time restraints and commitments. 
But it's still worth a go, right? I mean, it's free after all*.

A book spotlight on The Jolly Wordsmith includes a cover, book details, a synopsis, links to buy it, author biography and links to the author's fan pages.

Here are some previous spotlights as examples:
Spotlight Example: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern
Spotlight Example: After the Fear by Rosanne Rivers
Spotlight Example: Wolfen by Alianne Donnelly

So, do you fancy getting your book featured on our blog in the form of a book spotlight? 

Please note that due to the fact Scott A. Butler is a YA author, books about erotica will not be accepted.
Non-Fiction books concerning religion and politics will also not be accepted.
* = The blog will use its Amazon affiliate tags on the links to your books as a form of (very small) payment, which costs you, the author, absolutely nothing. Amazon pays affiliates from their advertising revenues, not from the author's sales.