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Jolly Author Spotlight - Jordanne Fuller

Jordanne Fuller is an upcoming, sensational, Canadian author. And one I just know everybody is going to love!
I ran into Jordanne several years ago and almost immediately made her one of my new best friends. She is full of fantastic words of advice and encouragement and she is an extremely talented woman. She is skilled in many things and is overflowing with vibrant creativity.
When she isn't managing her family, of humans and cats, she can be found either nerding out over computer games or pursuing one of her many creative talents.
I managed to catch up with Jordanne for an interview. Here it is.

Where are you from and what makes this place special to you? 
I'm from a small town, near Toronto, Ontario Canada. Newmarket is special to me because it reminds me that I am not from this large city. It reminds me that I am a kind, small town girl.

What genre or genres do you dabble in? 
I will write just about anything once. I currently quite enjoy paranormal, horror and fantasy genres, but I never know where my muse will take me.

Other than author, do you have any other occupations? 
I am also a designer for a company I founded called Muggmy Designs. There you can find knitted, sewn and beaded clothing and accessories.

What were your top three favourite childhood books?
I would have to say "Are you my mother" by P.D. Eastman, "The Name of the Tree: A Bantu Tale" by Celia Lottridge and "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.
What are your current top three favourite books? 
That's like telling me to pick my favorite cats... actually it's worse. I could tell you the answer to that.
I would have to say the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling is my favourite. I could read that series for ever I think.
As far as classics go, I'll pick "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde... although honestly I love Bradbury and well there are just so many!
As for easy reading, I would pick anything by Richelle Mead. I love how she can make me read so much at such a quick pace, and her characters are brilliant.
I have a lot of favourite indie authors too, but we'd be here all day if I had to pick just 3. My favourite Indie author though, is probably Scott A. Butler (sorry friends, but he's just so freaking good!).

Which writers have influenced you? 
Any author of any book that I have ever read has influenced me. Richelle Mead most of all because she makes it look so easy. It's not... for the record. I think actually J.K. Rowling has that effect on me as well. But every written word I read influences me in one way or another.

And what about books, do any inspire you? 
All of them. How different authors use the same words in different ways, or different words to convey the same message. I think it's amazing. How poetic and meaningful things can be to different readers, even when the author did not particularly mean for it to be. All of them, and everything in them. That being said, I am aware that there are books out there that I don't like. But I learn from them too because I either learn what not to do, or I take away that there are other people in the world who do like them.

Why did you choose to become an author? 
I don't really feel like I chose it. I feel more like it was a natural progression in my life. I've always written things, whether it be my journal, poetry, prose or stories. I can't even remember my first story, but I do remember my first play was when I was about seven years old. So I think it was just kind of bound to happen. That plus having so many writers and editors in my family (my mother and her mother being the most successful of the bunch) pushed me more in that direction I think. I wanted to write a full novel for a long time, and when I succeeded, I realized I want to make this a career.

Would you like to tell us about your writing process? 
I usually start by babbling on a page with pretty scenery, or with an action scene. Then a billion and a half ideas come into my head and I'll write them out, or if they are for later on, I'll make a makeshift outline. Then when they get to be too much, I'll organize them all into a proper outline. This is for the ideas I am not prompted for. With anthology submissions, the submission guidelines usually spark ideas, then I'll start my usual process. But from the babbling to the outlining is usually a lot quicker of a transition. I really hope that makes any sense at all.

How do you deal with writer’s block? 
I usually give in to be honest, but this past year I started a new thing... or rather a few new things. For starters, I'll write anyway. If I'm stuck in my story, I'll look at my outline and just move on to the next happening. If it's not time yet, I'll start to drag my characters from what they're doing to the new happening. If that doesn't help, I'll write something I don't feel stuck on. Now if I'm having trouble writing anything and a deadline is approaching, I'll do what's called a "Word War" with my friends (thanks Mercedes Murdock Yardley for teaching me that one). The basic idea is that you write (or draw or edit or what ever else you need to get done) for 15 minutes straight, then post your count or works in progress to a common thread. It works well... very, very well.

Aside from writing, what are your hobbies?
Again, we'd be here all day if I wrote them all out. I'll try to summarize. I also do various forms of arts and crafts, I love both playing and collecting video games and My Little Pony. (PSN: Paranoiaprincess). I also really enjoy reading and reviewing what I've read. I'm also an avid Cosplayer, and have made a plethora of costumes for myself, my family and my friends. I also love to bake.

Do you like tea? What is your favourite flavour or kind? 
Of the mainstream teas, my favourites are Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast. Of the flavored variety, I love Teavana's Caramel Almond Amaretti and Dragonfruit Devotion. Those are both Herbal. I'm also a fan of Chai. Mmm did you have to bring up tea? I have an entire cupboard filled.

Tell us one place in the world you would absolutely love to travel to. Why?
Japan. I feel like it calls to me. I know that's so ridiculously cheesy, but it's true. I love everything I know about Japan, and want to see it all. I want to see the bustling Tokyo as much as quiet beautiful Okinawa. Harajuku (for cosplay reasons) to beautiful Kyoto. If I could only see one other country in my life, that would be it.

Is the glass half full or half empty? 
On the counter, waiting to be washed.

Would you be the superhero or the villain? 
I would be the antihero. Everything I would do would be for the greater good, but I wouldn't always make everyone happy with my methods. I do things in strange ways sometimes.

Do you have a favourite film? 
I have many. I'll likely kick my own butt later, but for now I'll say The Last Unicorn... because Unicorns.

A film company wants to turn your book into a film, but they want to completely change the ending of the film from how it is written in your book. How would you feel about this? 
Nope, because my ending is probably the most powerful part of the story. Maybe if they wanted to change the end of the trilogy... but I haven't written it yet, so I'm sure my mind will change by then.

Do you have any strange or quirky talents? 
I can bend my arms backward at a 20-degree angle, which also allows me to turn my hand in a full circle. I can imitate some of the voices in The Simpsons, and I can sound exactly like a handful of birds... as in about 5, not as in I can sound like squished and tortured animals. I can also sound like a demon.

Why should people read your books?
Because they like to read. And because my stories take people on twists and turns that may not be immediately apparent. Or they are less afraid of zombies than I am.

What is one thing most people probably don't know about you? 
I'm actually a man. Yeah, I'm totally lying.
I would say that it's that I have to organize dishes before I wash them. It's a compulsion that also makes things easier for me. I also must rinse them all before putting them in the soapy sink.

Are you writing anything at the moment? 
I am currently working on an anthology of Fairy Tales, a full length novel that is split into three parts, a few secret projects with a friend, and about 6 short stories. Along with my Night series, which is a trilogy of full length novels.

What are you reading currently?
I had to take a hiatus on reading, but I'm in the middle of Bite of Silver by Lexi Ostrow and Courageous Souls by N. L. Daffurn. I've read stuff by both these ladies in the past and I wouldn't have put down Bite of Silver or Courageous Souls if it weren't for the amount of work I have been doing lately on my own books.

What are you most afraid of?
Funnily enough, I'm afraid of zombies. The reason I write them is because I hope I can put my fear into my words to make it a truly realistic and terrifying situation that my characters find themselves in. Although really, I fear my own mind more than anything else. It's wild in there... Help.

What influences your works the most? 
My dreams. A lot of my stories either were a modified dream I've had, or a part of a dream will find it's way into a story. It's the reason so many of my stories have characters that are based on people in my life.

What costumes have you made? 
The most recent were An Iron Man mask for my 5 year old son, an arc reactor for my fiancee, a Captain America costume for my friend and Phoenix for myself. I've also made a Gir costume for my son when he was two, and my fiancee a Hei costume from Darker than Black. I've made myself sooo many, but my favourites were my mermaid costume and  my Steam punk Sailor Jupiter.

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