Friday, 8 May 2015

Does the Water Beckon You?

Lurking in the Deep, an anthology published by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing, is now available.

Now there’s a reason to fear the water.

Does the water beckon you? Your love, or fears, may become greater in this chilling anthology. From ordinary sea life to creatures of myth, our stories will make you think twice about the shadowy waters that beckon below. Follow our authors into the depths … if you dare. 

The anthology contains stories of fears, horrors and creatures of the deep by some fantastic authors. Below are the descriptions of just some of those stories.

Rhine Maiden by Isabelle Poldervaart
Set in my canal and bridge studded home town upon the Rhine, it's an exploration of what happens when mighty creatures of lore try to mingle with common city folk. Suffice to say it doesn't always go smoothly. 

 Bloodslick by Timothy Black
As the light fades over the ocean in 1891, the crew of the Artemis comes across a deserted plague ship floating crewless on the waves. Soon they learn that the fatal mistakes of the other crew have given birth to a nightmare of blood... and it still hungers

Tide Flats by Shelly Schulz
This is a short story about high school girl who learns more much more about herself, her friends and what's really lurking under the crashing surf on her senior trip. 

Song of the Ocean by Scott A. Butler
My story is called Song of the Ocean. It is centred around a varied group of modern people trapped in the middle of the endless ocean. Not all of whom get along. They must work together when an ancient foe threatens not only their own beliefs, but their very lives too. 

Have you got your copy yet?

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