Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review - 'More Tea Vicar?' by Aurelia Fray

Title: More Tea Vicar?

Author: Aurelia Fray

Genre: Romance. Erotica

 Cup of Tea Rating:

Romance is usually not my cup of tea. And neither is erotica. I usually steer very well clear of both those genres. Unless, of course, they were penned by a bloody good writer.
Aurelia Fray is a bloody good writer. And she read one of my books so I decided to give hers a go too.

Romance and erotica may not be my cup of tea, but More Tea Vicar by Aurelia Fray was an interesting addition to my normally apocalyptic, dark, blood-splattered and fantastical horror/dystopian/steampunk book list. Reading it was like adding a little cheeky sprinkle of spice into an otherwise normally ordinary cup of tea.

The story follows Sophie Ann, a normally well behaved lady, with a dull life and a controlling mother. One fateful and unplanned evening with her best friend, Naomi, led to Sophie's simple life taking a sudden and exciting detour into someone else's bedsheets.

The story is very cheeky. And I will admit that certain cheeky parts did have me giggling and snorting like an immature schoolboy. In a good way.
It's a man thing.

The story flows very well, from start to end. The settings, the feelings and the characters are very vividly described. I cannot fault the writing of the author in any way. This is a short read which will take about an hour to finish, depending on how fast you are. But the length should not dissuade you from purchasing this book, because it packs a pleasantly spicy nibble. Or slap. Or whatever it is you're into these days.

The problem I have with books of this genre is that they are usually cliché. Girl meets boy, fall in love, author looks up "penis" in the thesaurus, the characters have a bit of hanky panky and live happily ev... yaawwnn.
... I'm sorry, where was I? Ah. ... have a bit of hanky panky and live happily ever after.
However I felt that Aurelia Fray's 'More Tea Vicar' is different from all the rest. The story takes a different approach which is very rarely touched by romance and erotic authors. It is almost like having a naughty little walk down an almost forbidden path. Or a completely forbidden path if you're a prune, like Sophie Ann's mother.
I enjoyed this book, and I think you will too.

It's saucy. It's cheeky. It's salacious. It's spicy. And it's a good read.
I recommend that you should try this book out. Even I, who normally does not poke into this genre, found it to be a good read.

I wonder if Aurelia Fray will be expanding on this story to tell us what happens next?

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