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Jolly Author Spotlight - Liz Butcher

I met Liz Butcher when we took part in the Lurking in the Deep anthology together. She was very fun to work with and she is an incredibly good author. This Australian author has been writing since her childhood, especially within the paranormal and horror genres. She currently lives in Brisbane with her husband and is owned by two cats.
Here I catch up with her for an interview. Her first, in fact.

Where are you from and what makes this place special to you?  
Australia. I have lived all over the country and currently reside in Queensland. I think it's the scenery that makes it special to me. We have beautiful beaches, forests and bushland. Plus, home is where the heart is!

What genre or genres do you dabble in? 
Horror is my first love. I love anything to do with the paranormal, but I also love to integrate mythology and ancient history also.

Other than author, do you have any other occupations? 
I do. I currently work four days a week in an office role.

What were your top three favourite childhood books? 

by Roald Dahl
'The Key and the Fountain'
by Joel Pinkney

Which writers have influenced you?
Probably Anne Rice, Dan Brown and Stephen King. I love how they weave their tales.

And what about books, do any inspire you?
There is nothing better than finding a book that inspires you. I realised this as a little girl when I first read, 'The Giving Tree'.

Would you like to tell us about your writing process? 
It can be quite sporadic. I like to try and write on the train to work, and on my breaks. As far as creating a story, I usually create a rough plot but I find once I start writing, the story usually tells itself.

How do you deal with writer’s block?
 Exercise! It really is the best thing for it. I love to put some music on and go for a long walk out in the fresh air.

Are you writing anything at the moment? 
A couple of short stories, and completing a novel. I also have a couple of outlines done for further novels.

Aside from writing, what are your hobbies? 
I have a lot! Music, astronomy, reading (especially non-fiction - I love learning new things) knitting, sewing, cooking, painting, gardening and learning French.

Do you like tea? What is your favourite flavour or kind? 
I do love tea! Russian Caravan, English breakfast, Green tea or just plain black tea with a drop of milk. I also love herbal teas - especially peppermint.

What are you reading currently? 
A biography, 'Mary Queen of Scots' by Antonia Fraser

Why did you choose to become an author?
I think it chose me! I loved writing stories during my school years (my mum still has my little 'books' I wrote) then a few years ago I had a story niggling at me. So I picked up a pen, and started writing again.

Do you have a favourite quote? 
'To sleep, perchance to dream.' by William Shakespeare

Tell us one place in the world you would absolutely love to travel to. Why?
So many! Though I would probably start with Athens, Rome or Egypt as I love ancient history.

Is the glass half full or half empty? 
I always try to see it as half full. No matter how bad you think things are, they could always be worse. I am a silver lining kind of girl!

What is one thing most people probably don't know about you?
I am a total nerd!

Your house is being invaded by homicidal dwarves riding armoured boars. You will need to combine the first object to your right and the first object you see after spinning around 10 times to make a weapon. How doomed to the empty depths of oblivion are you? 
Hmmmm. I have a ridiculously large glass of mineral water with lemon to my right, and after spinning around I came to a pedestal fan. SO it could go either way. Am I allowed to have it turned on? :D
(Jolly's Answer: If you're quick enough! :P )

What is the title of your story in the Lurking in the Deep anthology?

Which fear, creature or myth did you focus on in your story? 
It's a bit of a blend, but primarily based on Sirens.

Have you enjoyed participating in this anthology? 
I have loved every minute of it. It has been a wonderful experience.

Do you plan on expanding this story in a future release, for example a novella, or is it part of an existing release, such as a prequel? 
Anything is possible...

Would you recommend Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing? 
I certainly would. They have been wonderful to work with.

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Thank you, Liz, for taking part in this interview. I wish you the best of luck with your short stories and novel, with hopefully many more to come in the future.

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