Monday, 24 August 2015

Jolly Freebies: Almost Dead by H.L. Houghton

An author, a friend of mine, is giving away one of her books for free, for a limited time!

Title: Almost Dead

Author: H.L. Houghton

Genre: Vampire, Comedy, Short Stories

A collection of short, vampire themed, stories. For those who like giggles with their bite...
From a raving super-fan to a newly born vampire, these stories bring a new perspective to the Vampire myth. This is a quick and light-hearted read with lots of giggles and a fun bonus section thrown in for your enjoyment.

Fang Girl: When the radio announced the ‘Date with a Detective’ competition, they had no idea how determined some fans would be to win.

Bite Me: Ritchie only wanted a bit of attention. What he got instead was a hard-learned lesson: Love Bites.

Baby Teeth: Dr French has the 'patient' of a saint...or is it an angel...Oh whatever...

Ode to my Lunch: In a life where nothing is certain...Only one thing is true...Darkos’ poetry will kill you.

Almost Dead: Three little words sum up Becca’s whole life...Love sucks - Literally

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(Free promotion ends 26th August 2015)

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