Friday, 8 January 2016

Jolly Discounts & Coupons - The Silver Butterfly by Uma Mawaery 

The Book:

Title: The Silver Butterfly

Author: Uma Mawaery 

Genre: Paranormal romance 

Published: May 2015

Promotion Price: Free, with coupon

Broken and vulnerable, Amber Landon ends up on a deserted road alone. Radley Hayden, a man she's never met, comes to her rescue, and is in possession of her missing journal. With strange occurrences, Amber begins to question if her chance meeting with Radley was indeed a coincidence. Above everything else, someone has been watching her. Will Amber be able to find out the truth in time?

The Coupon:

Original price: 0.99
Discount price: Free

At the Smashwords checkout, use the coupon code: RM23H

Limited time only!

If you grab this book for free, please consider leaving the author a decent-length review on Smashwords and possibly Goodreads. Your review means a lot to authors.

About the Author:

Uma has a BSc. (Hons) in Biochemistry and worked as a research scientist for 8 years, before venturing into the teaching line for another 3 years. Her passion for writing made her switch careers again and she started working as an editor in a media company. An avid blogger, she loves reading about witchcraft and anything supernatural. Like most people, she enjoys the simple things in life. But the one thing that makes her insanely and rhapsodically happy is when she writes. She lives mostly in her head and her mind is constantly going places.

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