Thursday, 30 April 2015

Help Save This Natural Habitat From Development - Plea For Donations

©Gregg Anderton
    The black, curious nose of a deer pokes at the forest floor, foraging for berries and edible plants. The way the rays of the sun, which penetrate the leaves of the trees above, glistens off her caramel-brown fur, highlights her majestic appearance. She looks over her shoulder and makes a silent gesture.
    Two fawns dart out from the undergrowth and, bursting with innocent excitement, run towards their mother. One still hasn't gotten used to his running legs, he tumbles. His sister takes advantage of his momentary weakness and playfully head butts him.
Spotting a butterfly, the jolly pair bolt upright and give it a chase.
    Watching from a nearby branch is a pileated woodpecker. He too is happy and content with life in the forest. He closes his eyes and basks in the sun. With his beak, he picks up the fresh-plucked twig of berries he was protecting under his foot and flies with grace towards the family nest.
    Spotting their father returning with food, two chicks poke their heads out of the hole in the tree and chirp with excitement. The father lands on the tree, holding the twig of berries so that the chicks can help themselves. The mother woodpecker joins them, perching beside the father. She looks back and forth at her family with love, proud of what they have created together. And then she rests her head on the wing of the father.

    But, this could all end soon.

Those are the stories of just two of hundreds of peaceful animal families, who are living in about ten acres of forest in a place called Pacific, in Missouri, US.
However, this same area is under threat from unnecessary development.

Two young fawns. They will lose their childhood home unless you help.
The ash, oak and maple trees, which have been a part of the forest well before Columbus showed up, will be cut down. The berry bushes that so many creatures rely on will be uprooted. The homes of thousands of peaceful creatures who have done nothing wrong to humans will be destroyed. Our own children will miss out on the excitement, experience and adventure of witnessing nature at its finest.

There are over half a dozen different species of woodpeckers in the area, Pileated, Red Headed, Red Bellied, Northern Flickers, and so on. As well as 30 or more different varieties of other bird species, such as Cardinals and Bluebirds. Alongside them, there are every other forest animal you can imagine from big to small. Deer, foxes, raccoons.
And let us not forget the wild flowers and the insects, all which, like clockwork, contribute to our extremely fragile ecosystem.

Bordering the area is a home development site, which seeks to destroy even more natural habitat. The habitat of creatures who have more right to be on the land than humans do.

You can help stop this from happening.

A pair of Pileated Woodpecker chicks. Female on the left, male on the right.

A local gentleman by the name of Gregg is refusing to just stand by and allow this absolutely unnecessary destruction of the land go unchallenged.

Gregg has set up a crowdsourcing campaign on GoFundMe in order to raise the funds to purchase this plot of land. And in doing so, he would not only be preserving a slice of nature from human destruction, but saving the homes, possibly lives, of the creatures which reside there.

Even if you cannot spare any donations, please do your part by sharing either the campaign page, this post or both on your social networks, with your friends and with your neighbours.

Thank you.

A female Hairy Woodpecker being nursed back to health by Gregg after flying into a tree.
©Gregg Anderton

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