Friday, 1 May 2015

Review - Mud and Brass: A Steampunk Short Story by Andrew Knighton

Title: Mud and Brass: A Steampunk Short Story

Author: Andrew Knighton

Genre: Steampunk. Dystopia.

 Cup of Tea Rating:

 Mud and Brass is everything a steampunk story should be.
This is a short story by Andrew Knighton which has left me wanting to read more about this fascinating steampunk world.

The story is set in a dystopian industrial age where rich businessmen can get away with anything. A world where workers are expendable and machines highly valued. It is a story of vengeance, revenge and the awful consequences of such.

I was sucked into the story from the first sentence. The world is so vividly described and detailed that I almost felt as if I was right there. I almost heard the deafening sounds of the industrial age, smelt the foul river and saw the people right in front of me.

There is a lot of intrigue around the main character and you really do feel a connection to him because he is so well detailed. The other characters are described with the same depth. The interactions with the characters are very realistic and lifelike.

There is also a little bit of mystery which makes you wonder what is going on. But as the story progresses, we unravel more about the main character and his intentions. I was not expecting the plot twist contained in these pages, and neither will you. The ending is even more unpredictable and a fantastic one which will leave you deep in thought.

Many apparent books of this genre these days actually lack a lot of steampunk elements. The author usually shoves in an airship and some monocles then passes the story off as a steampunk. Disappointing the readers as a result.
Mud and Brass on the other hand is a true steampunk world with gears, brass, steam, industry and machines everywhere you turn.

This is a well-written story in a very well described world, lifelike characters and a suspenseful plot. Andrew Knighton is an artist with words. The fact that this is a short story should not be an issue for anybody. It is packed full of detail and depth and the words flow beautifully.

I want to read more about this world. I want to know what happens to each of the characters next. I hope the author is planning on releasing a sequel or two.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I'm really glad you enjoyed my story. I haven't written anything else in this world yet, but I've quite often gone back to previously explored worlds in the flash stories I post every Friday on my blog, so I'll make sure to go back to the Mud and Brass world soon.

    I have to admit, the series I'm releasing at the moment is much less full-on steampunk. Rather than building a whole new world from scratch, I'm introducing steampunk and fantasy elements into a Victorian setting. But there are some other heavily steampunk worlds in my collection 'Riding the Mainspring', including a city where the buildings move around - inspired by the fact that people actually moved buildings around in 19th century Chicago. Sometimes reality is far more fascinating than anything we can invent.


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