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In Memory: A Tribute To Sir Terry Pratchett - AVAILABLE NOW

On the 12th March 2015, the world lost one of their greatest literary minds.

A gentleman with a flair in humour and fantasy. A chap who could turn grey reality into fantastical laughing matter. A fellow who looked ridiculously good in a hat.

Of course, that man was Sir Terry Pratchett.

Shortly after the sad news of Terry's death, a group of authors banded together to produce an anthology in his memory. A tribute to Sir Terry. Where all the proceeds would go directly to Alzheimer's Research UK, a charity he fiercely supported.

These authors, united by the sadness of Terry's death but refusing to sit down and mourn quietly, gave up their free time, put their current projects on hold and cancelled plans, to focus on this tribute anthology.
Everybody worked together, contributed to the project in many different ways other than using their writing skills to conjure up brilliant tales. And everyone produced staggering results.
Their only reward is the knowledge that their work is raising funds to help make other people's lives better.

I have personally worked with writers and authors on other projects before with books, articles and radio scripts. But this project was different. Everybody involved were seamlessly united with each other, despite cultural and language differences. That was the magic of Sir Terry Pratchett, he could bring people, complete strangers, together with words. The most powerful magic of all.

And now, that book is ready.

Buying the book

In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett is available in ebook and paperback. You can purchase your copy from Amazon. In the near future it will also be available in other places.


“In Memory” features seventeen unique takes on the theme of memory from authors spanning nine countries and four continents. Written in dear memory of Sir Terry Pratchett and with all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Research UK, these seventeen tales of magic (and the occasional automaton) will move you from giggles to tears and back again.

"This book is a fitting tribute to Terry Pratchett, a little man with a great big heart and an imagination that could not be constrained within the boundaries of our world. His work reached out to millions and will in the future reach out to millions more. Memory is everything and Terry will always be remembered." - Robert Rankin

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I hope you enjoy the book!

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In Memory of Sir Terry Pratchett.
1948 - 2015

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