Friday, 30 October 2015

Male feminists versus cavemen

Those who know me personally will also know that I am a supporter of both traditional feminism and gay rights. On occasion, I will quite openly stick up for both of these, both in online and real-life situations.
However, lately when it comes to supporting feminism and the rights of women, I have noticed a rather unsettling trend amongst the internet.

Apparently, according to the internet, men who support feminism and women's rights are gay.

Allow me to share with you just one recent example.

You may have recently seen this article on the internet about a woman who dressed in a cat suit and attempted to seduce her boyfriend. But he turned her down. Although he turned her down in favour of a gaming session and that she was the one instigating the sexual advances instead of him, it was still a triumph for feminism because he clearly refused to see her as an object to satisfy his sexual desires.

I commented on the article to reflect this fact.

As usual, within seconds, the accusations and comments suggesting that I (and others) am gay began pouring in. But today was different, because an unlucky few were about to be exposed outside the "Book of Face" for all to see.
Here are some examples of those. And no, I'm not going to bother blurring out your names, because fuck you... Your mothers, girlfriends and wives ought to know how (un)supportive you are of a woman's right to not be seen as an object of your sexual satisfaction.

And of course, the misogynists crawled out of the swamps as well. Here are some of those. Fuck your name blurring too. A bunch of these are (somehow) in relationships. I hope your other halves, your mothers, your sisters and the mothers/sisters of your other halves see this post. ;)

And for some reason, one hateful guy felt he had to make a public figure known as "Lizzy the Lezzie" aware of the fact everyone was referring to feminists as gay.

Just what is their logic behind such comments exactly? Since when did calling someone "gay" become an acceptable insult? And I am finding it difficult to understand how every man who supports a woman's right to not be sexually objectified is "gay". Being gay would still make me and the other male supporters a man, not a woman.
Going by the same logic as these brainless swamp dwellers, every woman who supports feminism must also be gay.
Being gay is a sexual orientation. Being a feminist is a political choice. Being a misogynist is an abnormal behaviour.

Plato was the first recorded person, as far as we know, (who was male by the way) to publicly give his support for women's rights. As for the founding of modern feminism, it was the voices of two men who encouraged the rise of the feminist movement, not women. An Englishman, Jeremy Bentham, and a Frenchman, Marquis de Condorcet. The most cited female feminist in literature, Mary Wollstonecraft, didn't speak up until after these two men had planted the seed of feminism in the world.

While there are plenty of gay men who do support feminism, the act of supporting feminism does not make a man gay. Falling in love with another man, makes a man gay, not his political and social beliefs.
The fact that these misogynists call out male feminists as "gay" actually shows, as clear as day (excuse the rhyme), the lack of cerebrum inside their cranium. As if the appalling grammar of most misogynists doesn't already make that evident.

This might come as a shock for many men, but seeing women as a way to satisfy your sexual desires and believing that is what they should do, does not make you a man. It makes you a pathetic little boy. Your caveman-like behaviour and your desire to dominate, as shown by your objectification of women and the prejudice of the men who defend them, is no longer socially acceptable. It hasn't been for the last few decades. Centuries in fact.
 You can do the world a favour by taking your "UH I MAN U WO-MAN. U GIVE MAN WILLY HOLE!" attitude back to the cold, damp, dark and woman-less caves whence you came, with only your fellow, abnormally horny misogynists to keep you company. This is the twenty-first century, where brains come before brawn. Cavemen have no place here.

Simply put, a man who supports women's rights and feminism, whether he is gay or not, is a gentleman. Being a male feminist doesn't make a man gay (duh!). And the word "gay" is not a hateful insult.

However, if I am gay to you by supporting women's rights, supporting feminism and refusing to objectify women as sex robots, then so be it.
I'd rather be a gay feminist gentleman than a straight misogynist caveman.


  1. HEAR HEAR! Brilliant post, man.
    And those pricks deserve the naming and shaming!
    This is why you're my friend, dude.

  2. Haha! I love you mate! Haha.
    Brutal naming and shaming. But their mums, g/fs, wives and employers deffo need to see what cuntbags they truly are.

  3. Fantastic. (Y)
    Thanks for naming and shaming these pathetic children too. Always hated it when people "protected" these kids by blurring their names.

  4. Great post!
    I'm glad you didn't blur the names out, they don't deserve to be protected.
    Love the pictures at the end too! :D


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