Friday, 6 May 2016

Become an award-winning author (Book Award Contest)

Award-winning authors sell more books.
That is a well-known fact.

Many authors, especially newer indie authors, make the mistake of overlooking book reward schemes and contests, without realising the potentially massive benefit such a title could have on their overall sales.

There are many award schemes out there, but not all of them are recognised by international reader, book and publishing groups. But I want to tell you about one of the recognised schemes, which is often used by celebrity authors such as comedian and actor Jim Carrey.

Readers' Favorite (US spelling, sorry ladies and chaps) is a great service for authors which offers many things, including more than one opportunity to win awards for your work.

Free reviews (and five star award)
They offer free reviews to authors (or optional express review packages for a small fee), which will be published on their own website as well as major retailers across the internet. A five-star review wins you an official five-star award seal, which you can place on your book cover, author website and so on.

Readers' Favorite are known to be reviewers for publishers such as Penguin Group, HarperCollins and Hachette. As well as famous authors, including James Patterson, David Baldacci and Jim Carrey. But it's not just celebrities and popular publishing houses they review for. Anybody who is an author can get their work reviewed by this service and potentially win a five-star award seal.

Right here on our blog, we were contacted recently by the award-winning author, Toni Owen-Blue, who asked us if we could do a book spotlight here. Of course, we agreed.

The link to the review and 5-star award service is in the "Links" section below.

Author Services
Readers' Favorite also offers many author services, either for free or at discounted prices.
These services include self-publishing tips, marketing advice, trailer creation, proofreading and more.

See "Links" below for further information.

Book Award Contest
And finally, the most exciting part.
Jim Carrey with his Readers' Favorite
finalists medal

Readers' Favourite often hosts 'book award contests.
Authors can submit their works into one of over a hundred categories during a contest, for your chance to win one of four award levels, or the top spot, the finalist award medal.

Winners also have the reach of their book massively boosted, as news of your award will be shared amongst libraries, schools, book stores and so on. You will also get a permanent lifetime listing on, a website which lists all the world's award-winning authors.

As well as an electronic medal to place on your book cover, you will also receive an actual real Olympic-style medal.

There are more benefits to placing in the contest, which you can read about in "Links" below. Of course, the most obvious reward for winning this contest would be a massive boost in your book sales.


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