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Jolly Book Spotlight: Iris by Toni Owen-Blue

Title: Iris 

Author: Toni Owen-Blue 

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Published: 2nd May 2016 

Recommended Age: 10 - 14


‘I flinch. I know she’s not going to hit me, we’ve got in arguments a hundred times before and she’s raised her hand – she’s never hit me in the face. But I flinch anyway.’

I put that because whenever you pick up a book at the shop there’s always a quote on the back, and because I’m trying to put off writing the blurb. I don’t know what to put.

This is just a book about me, Iris, and the things that I do, the friends I make, well, try to make, and everything else that happens to me – good, bad and, uh, very bad.

That sounds really boring but I promise, it’s much more extraordinary. I might seem normal, (well, not normal, a bit weird really), little Iris, but there’s so much more to it than that, more than most people can even begin to understand.


Iris is an award-winning book!

Selected review
Readers' Favorite: 5 stars.
"Iris is a novelette written by Toni Owen-Blue and illustrated by Anja Uhren. Full of self-loathing, feeling neglected and unloved, Iris Smith opens her umbrella, hoping the wind will carry her away like it did to Mary Poppins. Her brother, Walter (Waltz), seems to get all of the attention and compliments at home, while Iris feels that all she attracts is her mother’s disdain. At school, Iris is constantly subject to ridicule due to her stutter, but when new girl, Lotus, appears in Iris’ class, having just transferred from London, Iris can’t help but feel drawn to her unique beauty and confidence." (See the full review - Click Here).

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About the Author

Toni Owen-Blue is a Middle Grade & Interactive Romance Author and Blogger from the UK.

I hope you've already had a read of my books and games and enjoyed them, for anyone who doesn't know I write Interactive and Middle Grade Fiction. The Interactive is usually in the fun romance way of things. My Middle Grade Fiction is character driven stuff, usually aimed at younger girls.

Anyone who follows any account that I own will have probably seen my dog - Caspian (I am, like every other author in the world, a fan of C.S.Lewis). I'm also a bit of a fitness buff, I dress make, have a soft spot for board games and read (I know, an unusual hobby for a writer.)

I'm lucky enough to be able to write full time now, so taking on more projects every day. Hope you all find you love reading them as much as I enjoy working on them.


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  1. Recently I started to realize the effect my parents' words had on me. They are great, very caring, and yet their words or actions can have strange power over their children. It's always shocking to find out how hard it is to brush your childhood experiences away.


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